Why Estate Planning Should Be On Your Christmas Wish List

As the festive season rapidly approaches and we immerse ourselves in the joy of celebration and holiday preparations, it’s the perfect time to consider meaningful gifts for your loved ones. This year, contemplate a present that not only benefits you but also serves as a thoughtful gesture towards your family and friends: the gift of an estate plan.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Although it may not be something neatly wrapped and placed under the tree, crafting an estate plan is a sincere expression of love. It relieves your loved ones of the burden of guessing your final wishes. A well-crafted estate plan ensures the distribution of your assets aligns with your desires, preventing unnecessary legal costs and taxes. By providing clear instructions, it also minimizes the work and stress that your loved ones might endure, sparing them from a time-consuming, expensive, and confusing process. Updating your estate plan, especially if your circumstances have changed since your last will, is crucial. The sense of relief from having a well-organized estate plan is a lasting gift for both yourself and your loved ones.

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Gift

While opting for a Post Office Will Kit or downloading a generic Will template might seem convenient, issues commonly arise, leading to the invalidation of these wills or parts of them.

To ensure the best possible gift for yourself and your loved ones, consulting with an experienced wills and estates lawyer is essential. They can expertly assess your circumstances and draft an estate plan that accurately reflects your wishes.

Working with an experienced lawyer also guarantees that all your loved ones, including appointed guardians for any minor children, are adequately taken care of.


This year, give yourself and your loved ones the gift of peace of mind by incorporating estate planning into your holiday plans. City Pacific Lawyers, with its team of experienced wills and estates lawyers, is ready to assist you in crafting a personalized estate plan tailored to your unique circumstances.

We also offer a complimentary estate planning consultation to all new clients. During this session, our skilled lawyers will guide you through the process, taking the time to understand your situation and creating a customized estate plan that aligns with your wishes.

To ensure your estate plan is in place before the holiday rush, please contact us on (03) 9592 3356 or email office@citypacific.com.au or fill in the web contact form here: https://www.baysidewills.com.au/free-consultation/.

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