Probate and Estate Administration Goes Online

In Victoria, the probate office of the Supreme Court is going fully electronic.  From 15 April 2020, the Court is launching a new online system for the electronic filing (eFiling) of all probate matters.  The Court will no longer accept applications or other documents in person or by post.

All grants of representation (probate or letters of administration) issued after this date will be issued electronically, with applications and documents no longer accepted in person or by post. The exception to this is that the Court will still require the original will of the deceased to be lodged in order for the application to be granted.

We are subscribers of the online platform and are geared up to be fully compliant by 15 April 2020. 

Clients will benefit from a streamlined and more efficient probate service.

If you have any questions or require any advice regarding a probate or deceased estate matter, please contact our office on 03 95923356; by email:; or fill in the contact page on our website:

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