How about a KISS?

Did you know the lawyers at Bayside Wills & Estates are great kissers?

When you kiss your clients as much as we do, I guess you can’t help but be good at it!

Oh my! That is not what I meant…I promise!

I meant kiss as in K.I.S.S– Keep It Simple, Stupid.

In estate planning, there is often a tendency to over complicate matters, assuming that complexity equates to effectiveness. Sometimes we fall into the trap that: the more complex something is, the better it is.

Our philosophy at Bayside Wills & Estates Lawyers is to “K.I.S.S.” – Keep It Simple, Stupid. We believe in focusing on implementing a straightforward yet effective estate planning process for you, from initial enquiry right through to your final signing appointment.

For you, this means we make it easy and simple for you to “get your affairs in order” and keep them in order in the event of life changes along the way.

Here is some feedback from one of our happy clients:
“Thanks very much for this, it’s a sign of an expert when something is handled so simply and easily. You’re very good to work with and I’d never thought I’d find myself saying that it was enjoyable engaging a lawyer” – JP

Valentine’s Special: Book in for an initial consultation before the 28th February to receive a free review of your will.

On a lighter note, I must clarify that the mention of “kissers” in my message was a playful metaphor for our commitment to simplicity. No kissing involved!

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